Managing Your Individual Tax Return with a Personal Tax Accountant

Since all of us are required to pay taxes on the income earned in a particular financial year, individuals must be aware of the legal implications of filing their individual tax returns and also submitting appropriate claims with regards to all available deductions.
One can save on taxes with the right assessment of their wealth and income. However, being busy with more critical chores related to your business, you often find the management of your finances stressful and time consuming. Therefore, here is a quick reckoner to understand why you need the services of a personal tax accountant.


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For your personal tax return, you must get a consultation from an expert who is well-versed with all the laws and regulations of filing the individual tax return after appropriately examining all the applicable claims available on your income type. While taking assistance from a personal tax accountant in Perth, you can be assured of a friendly and responsive service. All the advice offered is tailored according to the area of your business activity.
A personal tax accountant always helps you to save the maximum on your hard-earned money after thoroughly assessing your tax liability. Given the frequent updates and changes in tax obligations and regulations, the personal tax accountant helps you avoid penalties by lodging your tax return within the stipulated regulatory timeline.

Understanding the Process of Lodging Individual Tax Return

Before lodging your individual tax return, it is essential to understand that if your income type is included in that category. You might need to lodge a personal tax return with the help of a personal accountant if your income is not taxed at the source. This scenario generally arises when you are either self-employed, a contractor or run a business in partnership. Even, if you are the director of a company, where your income is not taxed under Pay As You Earn (PAYE), you may still need to lodge an individual return.

Your individual tax return is liable to be taxed if you have any untaxed income from other sources. Every year personal tax accountants assist individuals in the category with appropriate financial planning and individual return filing advice.

The process for lodging your individual tax return comprises the following steps:

  • Gather all the required documents for the lodgement of your individual tax
  • Seek the assistance of a registered personal tax accountant such as Accountants Perth WA
  • You can file an online return on your personal tax
  • You can also exercise the option of lodging a paper tax return

The lodgement of the tax return must be done within the stipulated timeline to avoid penalties.

Preparing Personal Tax Return with the Help of Accountant Perth WA

Accountants Perth WA is associated with experts having several years of experience as personal accountants, who can furnish a suitable wealth management plan after thoroughly assessing your relevant documents. Our team helps minimise your tax liability and save maximum on your income.

We help you in preparation of the tax return lodgement within the stipulated timeframe to avoid any penalties. We assure you of upfront and transparent procedures while assessing your income.

After duly considering your income type, we guide you with our expertise in the best possible manner to minimise your personal tax liability. Our services will certainly induce you to establish a long-term relationship with us for the assessment of your personal tax return as well as financial planning and management.

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